When you or a loved one is injured, things can move very quickly and seem
confusing. It is important to have an attorney to represent you through
difficult times. Often times, insurance companies take advantage of
unrepresented people by negotiating quick settlements for little
compensation to the injured party. Koller & Meador's attorneys will be with
you every step of the way and help you achieve maximum compensation for the
damages you suffer. ...Read More



Koller & Meador is a full service law firm to effectively handle all of
your civil litigation needs. Some areas we handle are: breach of contract,
landlord/tenant disputes, general tort litigation, expungement,
reinstatement of driver's license and commercial driver's license, cease
and desist actions, and more. If you are not sure what category  your issue
may fall under, give Koller & Meador a call today for a case evaluation. ...Read More



Having an estate plan is important, and not just for the elderly. If you
have any debts, assets, a home, children, or loved ones who would have to
sort through your affairs if anything were to happen, an estate plan is
very important. With an estate plan in place, you can avoid additional
taxes and a lengthy, confusing probate process. Koller & Meador help you
achieve piece of mind by providing you with a personalized estate plan. ...Read More



Whether you've been issued a citation for speeding, DUI, or something much
more serious, our criminal attorneys have the training and experience to
represent you effectively. From felonies to misdemeanors, we've got you
covered. The attorneys at Koller & Meador analyze your case from the
initial stop through booking and determine the best route to take in
defending criminal charges. Our attorneys are diligent and will provide you
with the best defense- whether that means negotiating a plea or taking your
case through trial. ...Read More



If you own a business, you know there are many moving parts. Koller &
Meador serves as counsel for many local businesses. Our attorneys can
handle your business' needs from start to finish, including bylaws, setting
up an LLC, and any litigation needs your business may come across. ...Read More




If a loved one has recently passed, you may not know what to do next. The
probate process is not straightforward, and an attorney is necessary to
complete the steps and make things easier for you. Because our firm is
experienced in estate planning, and the entire probate process, Koller &
Meador also specializes in fiduciary litigation. If someone close to you is
incapacitated, or you fear that they were a victim of someone influencing
them, our firm can represent you in defending their rights. ...Read More