Civil Litigation

Breach of Contract - Contracts are often utilized in both in business and personal dealings. In some cases, even oral contracts may be enforced. Contracts may arise in jobs, agreements to provide services, purchasing goods, leasing agreements, and many other instances. Call Koller & Meador to determine your rights if a contract you are a party to has been breached.

Expungements/Reinstatements - Applying for a job but have a criminal record? You may not be out of luck. In some cases, it is possible for a criminal history to be expunged from your record. If your driver's license or commercial driver's license has been revoked, in some cases you may be eligible for reinstatement. Call Koller & Meador to be informed of your options under these circumstances.

General Tort - Koller & Meador handles many tort litigation claims such as dealing with easements, civil assault, and negligence actions.